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Junior Newcomers

Pre-Handicap Group at the Par 3 Champs
The Pre-Handicap Group at the Par 3 Championships, Wycombe Heights February 2015


The BCLGA welcomes all new girls to their pre-handicap and handicap competitions. We run pre-handicap competitions from March to October on Par 3 courses. These are open to all girls who can play safely on a Par 3 course having had lessons.

For a poster giving details of the Pre Handicap dates for 2017:-  Click Here

To see how the Badge system works Click Here

Once the girls have gained a gold badge for playing 9 holes on the Par 3 course in under 50 shots they progress to being invited to enter 9 holes events at the main competitions on full size courses and hopefully will join a club and work towards gaining a handicap.

When the girls have a handicap there are plenty of matches, competitions and coaching available. Please see under the "Junior Development" section.

For more information please contact either:

-  C.J.O. (County Junior Organiser)
Janet Beal (Beaconsfield)
TEL:  01494 674835    07834 819633      janet@brewis-beal.co.uk

-  Pre Handicap Organiser 
Kath Millburn
TEL:  01908 520663    07739 380156      kathmillburn@aol.com