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Junior Inter County Matches / Junior County Week 2013


Junior Team Midland South Winners
The Junior Team at the 2013 Inter County Midland South Region Final - From left:-
Shamiso Hatchard, Megan Dennis, Alice Kozlowski, Luan Skeates, Charlotte West

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The Junior Midlands South Regional matchplay final was played at Cherwell Edge Golf Club on Sunday 8th September.

The Bucks juniors beat both Berkshire and Oxfordshire in the group matches to represent BB&O in the Regional Final.  Each match comprised 7 singles matchplay for the Scratch team and 4 matches singles matchplay (3 to count) for the Handicap team - each individual match carries two points for the winning side. 

In the Midlands South final the Scratch team played Warwickshire who had in turn won their Group with Northants and Worcestershire & Herefordshire.

The team of Megan Dennis, Shamiso Hatchard, Luan Skeates, Alice Kozlowski and Charlotte West roundly beat the team from Warwickshire to become the winners of the Junior Midlands South Region team matchplay final. 

In the Handicap section Berkshire represented BB&O in the Midlands South final.




JUNIOR GIRLS v BERKS  (Away)  -  30 August  

The last of the league matches took place at Temple GC on Friday 30th August on a beautiful hot sunny day.

Buckinghamshire's scratch team of Charlotte West, Luan Skeates, Alice Kozlowski, Shamiso Hatchard, Megan Dennis, Beth Scott and Rachel Goodwin won all 7 matches to gain 14 points.

Our handicap team of Lucy Matthews, Molly Kelleher and Daisy Kennedy also won all their matches gaining 6 points.

Buckinghamshire have gained more points from their 4 matches than have Berks and Oxon and have therefore qualified for the Midlands South Team matchplay finals at Cherwell Edge on Sunday 8th September.

We wish them the best of luck in their matches.

Left to Right:- Daisy Kennedy, Rachel Goodwin, Alice Kozlowski, Shamiso Hatchard,
Beth Scott, Luan Skeates, Molly Kelleher, Lucy Matthews, Megan Dennis, Charlotte West


JUNIOR GIRLS v OXON  (Home)   30 June

Left to Right:-  Jo Richards, Fran Keach, Holly Impey, Molly Kelleher,
Victoria Marcinkiewicz, Thalia Kirby, Emma Norris, Megan Dennis, Beth Scott

The match was played at Weston Turville on Saturday 30th June.

Scratch team: Megan Dennis (captain) Beth Scott, Emma Norris, Jo Richards, Thalia Kirby, Molly Kelleher, Fran Leach won 6, lost 1 match

Handicap team: Holly Impey, Daisy Kennedy, Rhiannon Randall, Victoria Marcinkiewicz  won 2 matches lost 1 (3 out of the 4 to count)

So the scratch team amassed 12 points and the handicap 4.


JUNIOR GIRLS v OXON  (Away)   1 June

The Away match against Oxfordshire was played on Saturday 1st June at Oxford Golf Club.

There was difficulty in raising a team. Only 5 girls were available for the Scratch match - they won 8 points for the League.  No points were gained for the Handicap team. 


JUNIOR GIRLS v BERKS  (Home) - 19 May 

Back from L to R: Thalia Kirby, Megan Dennis, Victoria Marcinkiewicz, Fran Leach
Front from L to R: Rachel Goodwin, Alice Kozlowski (Cpt), Lucy Matthews, Daisy Kennedy

This match was the first of the 4 BB&O league matches which will determine the winner to go on to contest the Midlands South Team Matchplay Finals and was played at Harewood Downs.

The Scratch team was Alice Kozlowski (Captain), Shamiso Hatchard, Megan Dennis, Emma Norris, Rachel Goodwin, Lucy Matthews and Thalia Kirby.

The Handicap Team was Joanna Jones, Fran Leach, Daisy Kennedy and Victoria Marcinkiewicz.

The scratch team played brilliantly to win all seven matches gaining 14 points for Bucks.

The handicap team, with three out of four scores to count, had an uphill struggle; three of the four matches giving 8, 10 and 11 shots each. But the girls played really well halving one match and winning one match and gaining 2 points for Bucks.